How do I receive updates on new products added to Archery In Stock?

How do merchants post their product listings on Archery In Stock?

Merchants must sign up for one of our three Memberships in order to post product listings. All Membership information is located on the Memberships page after you login.

We offer three Memberships for merchants to post products. Our basic Membership costs $499 per month, our Advanced Membership costs ___ per month, and our Enterprise Membership costs ____ per month.

All damaged product claims must be handled directly with the merchant that the product was purchased from. Archery In Stock is not responsible for compensating consumers for any damaged products received from merchants who post on Archery In Stock.

Archery In Stock was created to give consumers the ability to shop for the best archery products in one location. Consumers can compare products and prices from multiple merchants with a single click.

Consumers will place orders directly from each merchant's website. When you click on a product, click on the desired merchant name to be directed to that merchant's website.

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